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Directions to General Atomics

Suggested transport to General Atomics and hotels from San Diego International Airport is by shuttle bus, taxi or rental car. The total distance is about 16 miles. The shuttle bus (e.g. Cloud 9 shuttle) is the cheapest option for a single person at about $20 one-way. A taxi will cost about $35, which will work out cheaper for a group of 3 persons or more. Rental cars can be booked at the rental car offices in the baggage claim area. Maps of the airport terminals can be viewed at (The shuttles, taxis and rental car buses are located in the area marked “Transportation Plaza” on the maps for terminal 1 and 2).

By Shuttle bus:

  1. Look for signs to “ground transportation” in the baggage claim area
  2. Follow the signs to “ground transportation”(for terminal 1 use the skybridge; for terminal 2 use the skybridge or cross the street at the crosswalk; for the commuter terminal cross the street at the crosswalk), then look for signs stating “Shuttles for Hire” or “Hotel Shuttles” which mark the area for the hotel shuttle bus stops

There are several Shuttle bus companies (e.g Cloud 9 shuttle, Access shuttle, Airport shuttle, Five star shuttle, etc.). Speak to the Customer service representative (wearing a blue shirt/jacket and tan pants) to arrange for a shuttle bus to your destination which will be the hotel of your choice. He will then arrange a shuttle bus that is going in the direction of your hotel. You pay the driver of the shuttle bus directly. You will have to share the shuttle bus with other passengers who may be going to different locations, so the driver may drop off other passengers before taking you to your hotel (Travel time: 25-40 mins).

By Taxi:

  1. Look for signs to “ground transportation” in the baggage claim area
  2. Proceed to “ground transportation”, look for signs for the taxi line.
  3. Tell the taxi driver you wish to go to the hotel of your choice (Travel time: 25 mins).

By Rental car:

  1. Book your car at the car rental offices in the baggage claim area in terminal
    1 or 2. For arrivals at the commuter terminal use the car rental phones in the baggage claim area to call the car rental shuttle bus.
  2. The car rental representative will give you directions to the rental car shuttle that will take you to the rental car locations (In terminal 1, use the skybridge to get to the rental car shuttle buses; in terminal 2 use the skybridge or cross the street at the crosswalk to the car rental shuttle buses; in the commuter terminal wait in front of the terminal for the rental car bus. The rental companies are located a short distance from the airport).
  3. Directions and map to General Atomics are given in the following link: map
  4. Location of hotels are also marked on the above map. Goto the links marked for each hotel to get directions.