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Cyber Access Form (must be submitted by July 21, 2008)

To obtain internet access through the GA fusion network, the participant must agree to the policies and procedures of computer usage at GA and complete and submit the cyber access form. Failure to submit this form before the meeting will result in a delay in obtaining network access.

Note also that this form can only be submitted through the internet so this must be done before the meeting, otherwise you will not have internet access at the meeting (i.e. to submit this form).

Perform the following actions:

  1. Goto the instructions page for filling out the cyber access form. Read the instructions and password information.
  2. Click on the link go to the “policies and procedures page” located at the bottom of this page.
  3. Carefully read this page and click on the “I accept” button and then click “submit”.
  4. This will bring up the cyberaccess request form. Enter all the required fields.
    (a) For the GA host or sponsor: enter “Todd Evans ”
    (b) For the start date: enter the start date of your meeting.
    (c) For the proposed use of computer:
          enter "Internet access during meeting of RMP Modeling Workshop"
    (d) For requested accounts: click on “network only” – do not click any additional buttons.
    (e) Click “submit”
  5. This will then bring up a summary of the entered information. If everything is correct, click the submit button.
  6. This will then in turn bring up a neatly formatted form. Print this form. Sign and date the form. Fax the form to Kristi Keith at the number listed at the top of the form.