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Monday, August 25
8:00Mickey WadeWelcome and Announcements
Review of Recent Experimental Results (Chair: S. Kruger)
8:10DIII-DT. Evans - Plasma performance overview in DIII-D ELM suppressed RMP H-modes Abstract
9:10NSTX Sabbagh - Effects of Applied Non-axisymmetric Fields on ELMs and Plasma Rotation Using New Midplane Coil Configurations in NSTX Abstract
Canik - ELM Destabilization by Resonant Magnetic Perturbations at NSTX Abstract
10:25TextorO. Schmitz - "Experimental detection of 3D plasma edge structures due to application of RMPs at TEXTOR and DIII-D" Abstract
Issues in ITER (Chair: R. Hawryluk)
11:25A. LoarteELM transient loads in ITER : Requirements, strategies and required R&D
Three-dimensional equilibria (Chair: N. Pomphrey)
1:10 A. BoozerThe Study of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations using Perturbed Equilibria Abstract
1:40 C.Wiegmann3D MHD equilibrium calculations for tokamaks: TEXTOR as an example Abstract
2:10 J. HansonThree-Dimensional Equilibrium Reconstruction: V3FIT Status and Prospects Abstract
2:30 Break
2:45 L. ZakharovWhere is the edge in toroidal plasmas? Abstract
3:15 I. JosephControl of edge localized modes through toroidally asymmetric current perturbations in the tokamak scrape-off layer Abstract
Transport in stochastic fields (Chair: R. Maingi)
3:45 A. WingenFormation of laminar flux tubes due to resonant magnetic perturbations in DIII-D Abstract
4:15 H. Frerichs3D edge transport simulations for RMP experiments at DIII-D Abstract
4:45 S. HudsonTemperature gradients are supported by cantori in chaotic fields Abstract
5:15 E. HeldAnisotropic Heat Transport in the Presence of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations Abstract
7:00 Dinner - Karl Strauss Brewing Company
Tuesday, August 26
Remote Presentation: Nonlinear MHD Modeling of RMPs (Chair: S. Krasheninnikov)
8:00E. NardonNonlinear MHD modeling of field-error penetration into the pedestal of an H-mode plasma
Anomalous Edge Transport (Chair: S. Krasheninnikov)
8:30C.S. Chang XGC0 particle simulation of plasma transport in RMP in realistic edge geometry Abstract
9:00J. MyraRMP-Induced Magnetic Shear and Implications for Stability, Blob Transport and Radial Electric Fields Abstract
9:30M. HeynEffect of the anomalous transport on the interaction of resonant magnetic field perturbations with tokamak plasmas' Abstract
10:15 M. UmanskyBOUT simulation of tokamak edge turbulence with external magnetic perturbation Abstract
Peeling-Ballooning and ELM-stability changes (Chair: C. Hegna)
10:45 P. SnyderPeeling-Ballooning Stability of RMP Discharges Abstract
11:15 B. SquiresDynamic Behavior of Peeling-Ballooning Modes in a Shifted-Circle Tokamak Equilibrium Abstract
Nonlinear Extended MHD Modeling of RMPs (Chair: C. Sovinec)
12:45P. ZhuNonlinear Ballooning Filament Structure and Growth Abstract
1:15M. BecouletNon-linear MHD Modelling of Plasma Response to Resonant and Non-Resonant Magnetic Perturbations with Rotation and Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity Abstract
1:45J. BreslauNonlinear MHD Study of Error Field Effects on Magnetic Islands Abstract
2:30V. IzzoComparison of NIMROD 3D RMP simulations with analytic error field theory Abstract
3:00H. StraussMHD Effects on Resonant Magnetic Perturbations Abstract
3:30L. SugiyamaStructure of the ELM crash from numerical simulations Abstract
4:00Theory and Simulation Development Needs (Moderator: S. Kruger)
4:30Experimental Data and Diagnostic Needs (Moderator: R. Moyer)